Copper Cliff Museum

The Copper Cliff Museum offers fun visual learning for school groups and anyone interested in finding out more information about mining in the Sudbury area.

Copper Cliff Museum

The museum is housed in a turn-of-the-century, two-storey log building. The building was originally the home of an early miner and his family and located on Clarabell Road in Copper Cliff.

Stone fire place

In 1972, the building was moved to its present location, where it became a museum. To the left of the museum, visitors can see a stone fireplace which was erected in 1927 by the citizens of Copper Cliff in recognition of the site of the first building in the community.

Old wood stove

The museum is set up to depict the lifestyle of a miner in the area. Visitors can see an old wood stove, complete with traditional cooking or silver instruments. A pump organ and silver exhibit are also on display to show some typical luxury items of the times.

Upstairs museum bedroom

The museum's upstairs is a bedroom and exhibit area. This is where the family would have slept.

Hat and shoe display

The museum has a hat and shoe display, showcasing women's fashion from the turn-of-the-century.

Thelma Jo Walmesley

Interesting items in the collection include Thelma Jo Walmesley's baseball jacket from when her team, the Racine Belles, won the American Baseball League Championships in 1946. 

INCO super stack

The museum site offers a picture-perfect view of INCO's Super-Stack. At 1250 feet (456 meters), it is the largest smokestack in Canada.


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