A Public Elementary School

As most of the settlers to the Capreol area had young children, the very first boxcar school was an elementary school.  This car would travel the CNR line between communities providing instruction to young children.

Years later, Capreol residents decided to establish a "stationary" schoolhouse to serve as the elementary school.  The school was situated in an abandoned building between the former YMCA and the Superintendent's house on Bloor Street.

In 1916, the school was moved across the street to where the First Baptist Church now stands.  In May of this year, at a town meeting, it was determined that a permanent elementary school should be built in Capreol.  Funds were raised and on June 27, 1919, the Capreol Public School (also known as Central School) was built.

C.R. Judd Public School - 2004.  Photo courtesy of Carolyn Salem.The new school was well attended and in 1921, a four room addition to the building was required.

As Capreol's population continued to rise, the school became very over-crowded.  To compensate for the problem, it was determined that the Grade 5 class would be moved out of Central School and held at the Fire Hall.  This was an entertaining experience for the students as during recess, they would take turns sliding down the firemen's pole.

In October of 1958, it was determined that a new school had to be built.  Construction began on a public school on Lincoln Crescent and in September of 1959, C.R. Judd Public School was officially opened.  C.R. Judd Public School was named after Chester Roy Judd, the local chiropractor and principal of Central School for thirty-eight years.

By 1963, additional classrooms were being added to the building and landscaping was being completed.  The community did not have enough students to warrant the operation of two elementary schools, so in 1970, Central School was closed and the students were transferred to C.R. Judd School.  The old Central School is now home to Capreol's Public Library and Municipal Offices.

To this day, C.R. Judd Elementary School continues to serve the Capreol community under the supervision of the Rainbow District School Board.


Material compiled from Capreol: The First 75 Years, 1918-1993.

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