Falconbridge Falcons vs Frood Mine Tigers

In the race for the Dominion Football Association Cup, the Falconbridge Falcons and the Frood Mine Tigers faced off to see which team would progress to the Northern Division final.  An intense game ensued with the Tigers coming out victorious.  They proceeded to win the Dominion Cup, putting them in the running for a national title.

1934-35 Frood Mine Tigers.  Photo courtesy of "Homegrown Heroes: A Sports History of Sudbury".The Frood Mine Tigers competed against the Montreal Verdun for the Eastern Canadian final in one of the most memorable games of the time.  The Tigers and the Verduns tied in the first four games, forcing a fifth and final match.  It was a close game that ultimately resulted in the Verduns claiming victory over the Tigers.  Throughout the entire series, Sudburians were obsessed with knowing how their team was faring and would often contact the Sudbury Star newspaper office to find out the scores of the games.

Two weeks after their return to Sudbury, the Tigers were once again in a pennant race, this time for the Ontario Cup, facing off against their nemesis, the Falconbridge Falcons.  Over one thousand fans came out to see these two teams go at it again.  After a tie in the first game, the Falcons beat the Tigers and went on to win their second Ontario Cup.


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