Amalgamations and Divisions

On January 1, 1969, the Ministry of Education decided to amalgamate school boards to reduce the number of administrative entities across the province and to provide equal educational opportunities for all students. In Sudbury, this meant that the Sudbury Separate School Board was amalgamated with 24 smaller school boards to form the Sudbury District Roman Catholic Separate School Board. The new school board included 42 French schools, 28 English schools, and 7 mixed language schools and Catholic administrative building 1972.  Photo courtesy of "One Hundred Years of Catholic Education: 1884 - 1984".consisted of fourteen trustees elected by the Catholic taxpayers. The school board, at this time, decided to establish two education committees, one French and one English. These two committees worked together to fulfill common goals while also striving to meet the needs and goals of each linguistic section.

It was in 1972 that the school board decided to start the first Junior Kindergarten classes for 4 year olds. It was also during this time that the school board built a new administrative building on Jogues Street. This building replaced the old administrative building on Drinkwater Street which was torn down to build the Paris-Drinkwater overpass. By September of 1972, 25,835 students attended schools under the Sudbury District Roman Catholic Separate School Board. This was the most number of students that would ever be part of the Catholic education system at one time.


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