St. Pius X Church

In 1950, as INCO began to construct the Town of Lively, the company offered each of the Christian denominations a plot of land (at an annual rent of four dollars) and a donation of $10,000.00 to aid in the construction of a church building.

Father J. Emmet Regan, pastor of St. Michael's Catholic Church in Creighton, was instructed by the Bishop to build a basement for the church in Lively. The basement of St. Pius X was completed in 1952 and was twenty feet wider than the specifications provided by the Diocesan orders.

In March of 1953, the new church was administered as a mission of St. Michael's. Father Regan served as pastor for both St. Michael's and St. Pius X. In July of that year, Father J.J. Delaney was appointed parish priest of Pius X. He lived in Creighton with Father Regan until his own rectory was constructed. The superstructure of the church was under construction in the spring of 1959 with much of the work being done by volunteers from the congregation.

On Christmas Eve 1959, all of the chairs and kneelers were moved from the basement and a service was held in the unfinished upper floor. The church was blessed in May of 1960 by Bishop Alexander Carter.

Saint Michael's Church Bell - 2004.  Photo courtesy of Jim Fortin.Father James M. Sharpe replaced Father Delaney in 1965. Father Sharpe was related to and had grown up with many of the people in the parish. One year later, in September of 1966, Father John A. Culligan took over as parish priest.

Father Donnelly became Priest of the parish in 1969 and served the parish until 1981. During the second year of his tenure, a tornado touched down in Lively. In the aftermath of the storm, the church hall became a community dining hall. Food was brought in by the Salvation Army and was served by various church groups.

In 1981, Father Thomas O'Dell became parish priest. On January 11, 1987, the church was badly damaged in a fire. Church services were held in the cafeteria of the high school until repairs were completed in June of the same year.

Also in 1987, INCO closed the town of Creighton. This closure resulted in many of St. Michael's parishioners joining St. Pius X. The bell from St. Michael's was removed from the church and is currently housed at the entrance to St. Pius X. Many of the artifacts from St. Michael's are also housed in the restored St. Pius X.

Today, St. Pius X continues to offer church services to the Catholic residents of Lively.


Material compiled from Greater Sudbury Heritage Museum Archives.

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