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Some people have already shared their memories:

Capreol, 1970
Met people from capreol and still see them 40 years later, had a great time every visit over the years, takes me back in time . You have a great town , hope to visit again soon . thanks - A.J.D.

Onaping River at Levack
The Swimming Hole

Clothes piled in heaps on the shore
Naked boys jumping into the stream
Shooting down the boiling rapids
Over scrubbed and smoothened rocks
Resting in the quiet pool below
Clambering to safety and drying in the sun
Smoke 'em if you got 'em men
Good thing girls don't know about this place
Unaware of prying eyes and giggles in the woods - B.W.

Levack, 1948-1969
The Mine in Winter

Head-frame dark against the morning sky
Caged miners dropping to the depths
Toiling in darkness midst stabbing lights
Longed for daylight left far above
Drill, blast, muck and fill in shadows
Flickering bulbs in the lunchroom haven below
Rising to the light at shift's end, to find
Head-frame dark against the evening sky - B.W.

Sudbury, 1967-1996
My great grandfather was one of the first 5 families to inhabit Sudbury. He owned the general store on Murray St. I remember grandma telling me all sorts of stories about Borgia St. My fondest memories are of the under ground walkway that ran under the Notre-Dame/Paris streets where they intersect with St-Anne Rd and Louis St. I was only 4 but remember rolling my baby sister down the dark corridor in her stoller. We moved from Murray st and into the South End. I watched in awe as the OPP station was being built and remember standing in the yard listening to the men play their bagpipes on Sundays. My father and uncles and some of us younger cousins helped tear down all the old houses in order to build the SouthRidge Mall. It was quite a treat growing up in Sudbury back in the 70's and 80's. Now memories of great Grandfather sit in the Flour Mill Museum. May you live on forever Pepere!! - J.G.

 The Mines
Very impressed with the new expansion from the last time i was there. - F.M.

Ramsey Lake, 1969-Present
Spent many a summer there swimming and lazing in the sun. Every summer my brother and I would spend there with my grandparents. It has been many years since I have been there, however, I will always cherish the memories of summers past. - M.B.

Journey to Sudbury
Imagine if you will for a moment it's the early 1900s and a young man, aged 14 decides to leave his home in Italy to seek his fortune in the land of opportunity. He had heard of a small town in Northern Ontario called Copper Cliff, where there was work and money to be made.
The young man made the long journey across the Atlantic Ocean with his older sister and her husband. Little did he know he was never to see his parents again.

The journey across the Atlantic was hard but they endured. When they arrived on the Eastern shores of Canada, nothing resembled home. The land was wild and untamed. But eventually, the three of them made their way to the little town of Copper Cliff and settled in a section of the town where there were others of their own kind.

The young man had no skills and couldn't speak the language, but INCO needed a water boy and so the boy got his first job. He was well liked by all. The workers would let him sleep behind a boiler when he was tired and would eventually teach him to speak English.

Many years passed and the boy turned into a man. He had learned a lot in his time in Northern Ontario and he eventually became a sales clerk in the town.  But, he was lonely and longed to have a family of his own, so he wrote a letter to his family back home saying that he wished to be married. Arrangements were made and soon after, a young woman of 18 crossed the ocean to marry a man she had never met. When she met the man, she liked him and within a month's time they were married. They started their new life together and a year later their first child was born, a baby girl. That little girl was my mother.

This is just a simple little story about two people who were not wealthy or famous, but they represent the many people who came to this area. They were the builders of our city and their stories are worth remembering. When I was a child, I loved to listen to the stories my grandparents told me about their lives when they were young. This story is one of my favourites. - CZ

Caruso Club
The Caruso Club has played an important role in my family's heritage for a number of years. Not only is the Club the holder of Italian heritage through their many pictures hanging on the interior walls, but they have hosted several weddings of friends and family members, and employed an aunt or uncle for several years. I only have fond memories of this Doors Open Site.- CR

The Road to Sudbury
As a young boy my father loved the game of hockey. Growing up in Port Arthur Ontario, he learned to skate with the only pair of skates his father could afford to buy for his four boys. With a hockey puck made of frozen horse dung, my father played on the frozed water often with only a single skate strapped on his foot while his older brother played opposite him with the other.

As a young man in his early 20's, my father was one of the many men who worked on the highways of this country on one of R.B. Bennett's make work projects to keep Canadians working through the Depression Years. The pay wasn't the greatest, only $5 a month, the work was hard and the days were long but he had a bed to sleep in, the food was good and he made many new friends from different cultures and backgrounds.

While making his way from Port Arthur to Hamilton in hopes of playing hockey, he traveled through Sudbury and to his good fortune he was able to find work as a labourer at INCO. However, it wasn't long after that INCO was having its struggles and was forced to lay off some of its work force.

But, my father was one of the lucky ones keeping his job because his shift boss needed a good hockey player for his INCO house league hockey team. A year later the war broke out and INCO needed a skilled labour force, and so my father began his training to become an electrician working for the Company for over 40 years before he retired. My father continued to play hockey for many years after he settled in Greater Sudbury as a devenseman for the Copper Cliff Redmen and as well as for the Sudbury Wolves senior team.- CZ

Penage Road Community Centre
The PRCC is a very important focal centre in our community. When my children were growing up, the Penage Road Community Centre put on many events such as corn roasts, canoe races, Halloween bonfire, youth-group Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, Rendez Vous, Christmas dinner with Santa Claus, Mother's Day Dinners. What a great asset to our community. - NVR

Penage Road Community Centre
This gem in the wilderness was my alma mater and I am really happy that it is still a viable, functioning heritage building within the community. Oh, the games that we used to play... ahh... the memories of softball, 21-up, geography match, spelling bees, crokinoles, and learning the lessons for eight grades in ONE day. We did survive! - H.M-T.

Bell Park: July 2008
Enjoyed many years of wonderful entertainment at Northern Lights Festival Boréal. - S.L.

Anderson Farm : 1980 - Present
We're still investigating who stole the pumpkins from the Grade 4/5 garden plots in the late 1980's at the Anderson Farm Museum... - H.M-T.

Anderson Farm : 1980 - Present
Memories of bringing grade 7 and 8 students for art classes at Anderson Farm in the 1990s, and having their pictures displayed during Windmill Theatre Productions... aah, the joys of partnerships within the community and sharing learnings. - H.M-T.

Bell Park : 2007
Sitting by the water, swimming and relaxing with friends - M.H.

Bell Park : 2008
When I was little we used to go there all the time. It was amazing and still is now - S.F.


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