Suggested Reading

For more information on the City of Sudbury please consult these excellent resources:

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  • Bouchard, Jeannette. Seven Decades of Caring = Sept décennies de soins. c1984.
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  • Church of Christ the King 60th Jubilee: 1917-1977. c1977.
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  • Fifty Years Activity at St. Joseph's Hospital = Un demi=siècle d'activité à l'Hôpital Saint-Joseph. c1946.
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  • History of St. Andrew's Church, Sudbury, Ontario: the United Church of Canada, 1883-1966. c1966.
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  • Wallace, C.M. and Thomas, Ashley. Sudbury: Rail Town to Regional Capital. c1993.
  • Young, Scott and Astrid. Silent Frank Cochrane: The North's First Great Politician. c1973.


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