A Name Change

With construction of Hardy Lower Townsite, Hardy Upper Townsite, and Cartier Subdivision complete, the community of Hardy was in need of a single name that would encompass all three sections. Sometime in the mid-1950's, the community sought the establishment of a post office in the town (up until this point, all of the mail for the residents was sent to Levack). Deciding upon the name Hardy to represent the entire community, the town applied to the government for a post office. Unfortunately, they were refused because the town name was too similar to other established communities including Hartly, Hartling, and Hardy Landing. In response to this, a meeting was held in Hardy and it was agreed that the name of the settlement would be changed from Hardy to Onaping. This name was proposed to and accepted by the federal government, thus resulting in the establishment of a local post office. With the name officially changed, the groundwork for the Town of Onaping was laid.

On January 1, 1956, the Improvement District of Onaping was officially incorporated by the Ontario Municipal Board. This was a great victory for a community that most outsiders thought would run its course and simply vanish. A Board of Trustees was soon appointed and included E.G. Jarvis, M.J. Poupore, Tom Flaherty, and Harold Bondett. This committee served as not only leaders of the community, but also as the Township School Area Board for Onaping.

In May of 1956, the governing Board of Trustees for Onaping were advised of a request made by the Township of Dowling to the Ontario Municipal Board to join with the District of Onaping. The trustees strongly opposed this request and the request was refused by the Ontario Municipal Board.


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