Language Rivalries

Bishop Scollard.  Photo courtesy of "Church of Christ the King 60th Jubilee: 1917-1977".By 1906, over 400 families regularly attended Saint-Anne-des-Pins Church, slightly more than half of whom were French. Over the years, rifts had begun to form between the English-speaking and French-speaking parishioners and on May 13, 1914, it became evident to Bishop Scollard that the parish would have to be divided for the sake of all of its parishioners. Bishop Scollard determined that a new church would be created for the English-speaking parishioners and the French-speaking members would retain the use of Sainte-Anne's parish.

Despite the impending division, more and more people were attending the Catholic masses and the church was becoming too small to hold all of the people, so on June 4, 1914, Bishop Scollard approved plans for an enlargement of the church. Renovations were completed and a dedication was done by the Bishop on February 24, 1915.

On September 23, 1917, the Jubilee Hall was renovated to become the new English-speaking church and was dedicated by Bishop Scollard. The new church was named St. Joseph's Parish.


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