S.S. #2 (O'Neil School)

Children standing in front of S.S. #2 School on O'Neil farm.  Photo courtesy of "Voices from the Past: Garson Remembers".The second school to be built in Garson was established on Jim O'Neil's farm. It was affectionately referred to as O'Neil School.

Little is known of this school as much of the school's records have been lost. However, it is known that in 1925, twenty-three children attended the one-room schoolhouse, and many former students recall having to ski to school in the winter months and lighting the school stove each morning.

One such recollection is provided by Father Ken Donnelly. His father, John Donnelly, would often travel to the school to court Kathleen Kenny, the schoolteacher, whom he eventually married. Years later, when it came time to name that road, Garsonites remembered Donnelly's frequent treks to the school, and so it became known as Donnelly Drive.


Material compiled from Voices from the Past: Garson Remembers and Nickel Centre Yesterdays.

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