Skead Recreation Committee

The Skead Recreation Committee was formed on January 26, 1967 to encourage community participation in leisure activities. One month later, in February of 1967, the committee purchased the P.S.S. #1 MacLennan School and transformed the building into the Skead Recreation Committee headquarters.

By September 27, 1971, the committee had decided to lease the former Separate School property for $1.00 a year for 10 years and on November 8, 1971, the school became the Skead Community Centre. In that year, phone service was installed to the building and in 1973, running water was installed, as were kitchen facilities.

Skead Recreation Centre.  Photo courtesy of the Skead Recreation Committee.Among the early activities enjoyed at the Skead Community Centre were moccasin dances, picnics, carnivals, horse shows, bike rodeos, and the Seniors Christmas Supper.

A building committee was soon needed in February of 1972 to address the issues of renovating the former separate school. Major renovations were needed inside the building in order to combine the two classrooms to form one large community hall. Through grant money and extensive fundraising efforts, the necessary funds were secured and by 1980, the community centre was complete.

At the committee's general meeting of January 8, 1973, the committee decided that it no longer needed general meetings. Instead, it was determined that the community centre would be run by the executive of the committee and that only one general meeting would be held each year in June for the purpose of electing representatives.

By 1983, the Skead Community Centre was in need of a new stove and fundraising efforts were once again undertaken. Some of the money was raised through dances and raffles while the rest was secured through local donations and through government grants. By 1989, the new stove was installed, just in time for the Seniors Christmas Supper.

The Skead Recreation Committee was incorporated in December of 1990, and in 1992, the committee celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Today, the Skead Community Centre is used for wedding receptions, baby showers, dances, and social activities including Canada Day and Blueberry Festival celebrations.


Material compiled from Skead, Ontario, Canada: 1924 -1999.

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