Philip and Janet Turcotte

Philip and Janet Turcotte came to Skead in 1942 from Gogama.  They moved to the community when the Poupore Lumber Company sawmill opened in the area. 

Philip, Harry, and Janet Turcotte - 1955 or 1956.  Photo courtesy of the Greater Sudbury Historical Database.Philip was a master mechanic for the lumber company, faithfully serving at the sawmill for 30 years until his retirement.  Janet was a stay-at-home mother who was an active volunteer for school and church activities.

The Turcottes had seven children: Edward, Harry, Douglas, Sarah Ann, Gerald, Sandra, and Phyllis.  By 1999, the couple had 23 grandchildren and 27 great-grandchildren.

Philip and Janet Turcotte left Skead in the late 1950's after the closure of the Poupore sawmill.  The family moved to Wahnapitae and established a corner store called Turcott's confectionary. 

Philip Turcotte died in 1984.  His wife Janet passed on in 1995.


Material compiled from Skead, Ontario, Canada: 1924-1999.

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