The Town Grows

Through the assistance and support of J.M. Cooper (a Sudbury Member of Parliament) and the efforts of M.J. Poupore and his sons, the town of Skead was receiving extensive renovations. The homes were refurbished and fitted with running water and electricity. The bunk houses and the cook house was renovated, and the town received new storefronts, an engine house, a skating rink, and a community hall.

Poupore Lumber Company - 1942.  Photo courtesy of the Greater Sudbury Historical Database.By 1948, the Poupore Lumber Company was employing over 400 men at its operations, however turn-over was very high as men would stay with the company for a short time before moving on to other things. From May to October, the population in Skead would grow exponentially as seasonal workers moved to the area. However by winter, the population would once again drop dramatically. In these years, there were only fifteen families who lived in Skead year-round.

Poupore Lumber Company's biggest client in those days was Falconbridge Nickel Mines. In October of 1952, Falconbridge Nickel Mines purchased controlling interest in the Poupore Lumber Company as well as all of the company's timber rights. Even still, the Poupore family continued to retain control of the company's operations until the early 1960's.

In July of 1956, the Poupore sawmill had closed, but this time the town's existence would not be threatened.  Skead had become a popular tourist destination, offering lodges right on the shores of Lake Wanapitei.  The town was becoming a self-sustaining community. With the closure of the mill, many other enterprises took hold, including commercial fishing in 1961.

In 2001, the community of Skead joined with many other townships to form the City of Greater Sudbury. Today, Skead is a close-knit community consisting of independently-owned storefronts, playgrounds, a skating rink, and its own community centre.


Material compiled from Skead, Ontario, Canada: 1924-1999 and Nickel Centre Yesterdays.

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