Falconbridge Public School

The first school to be established in Falconbridge was a one-room schoolhouse created by the Falconbridge Nickel Mine and instructed by Mrs. Anne Sleed.

Falconbridge Public School circa 1930.  Photo courtesy of the Greater Sudbury Historical Database.By 1930, the number of children attending the school had exceeded the school's capacity and a new school was built on Lindsley Street. All of the children in Falconbridge would attend this school and over the years, the school received many additions to keep up with the number of children in attendance. These additions were adequate until 1950, when the student population once again exceeded available classroom space. To overcome this difficulty, the townspeople decided to build a new brick school right beside the existing one.

Prior to 1963, these two schools provided instruction to children from Kindergarten to grade 10 with graduating students traveling to Sudbury High School to continue their education. In that year, the school boards of Falconbridge and Garson teamed up to build a new secondary institution in Garson. The Garson-Falconbridge High School provided instruction to residents of both communities for many years before closing.

Today, children of Falconbridge are bused to nearby Garson to attend both elementary and secondary schools.


Material compiled from Nickel Centre Yesterdays.

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