St. Stephen's United Church

St. Stephens United Church - 2004.  Photo courtesy of Carolyn Salem.Falconbridge, like all communities in the Sudbury area, was home to individuals from many different religious backgrounds. Originally, all denominations of faith would hold church services in the town's Community Hall. It wasn't until 1960 that the Protestants would choose to establish their own church entity in the form of St. Stephens United Church.

The other prominent religious groups, namely the Roman Catholics and the Anglicans, continued to use the hall for a few years more before eventually choosing to attend services in Garson. It wasn't long before the Community Hall was no longer used for religious purposes.

St. Stephens United Church eventually closed its doors and in the summer of 2004, the building was purchased for use as a private residence. Today, residents of Falconbridge continue to seek spiritual fulfillment in parishes throughout the City of Greater Sudbury.


Material compiled from Nickel Centre Yesterdays.

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