Father James Regan.  Photo courtesy of the Greater Sudbury Historical Database.The church's influence in the community was personified by strong, community minded individuals. The Canadian Copper Company recognized the benefits of a sober, God-fearing workforce and encouraged traveling priests and ministers to offer services in Creighton. Visiting Jesuit priests began offering services in the village as early as 1902.

One individual personified the Catholic Church for the residents of Creighton Mine. Father James Regan was the son of a Canadian Copper Company time keeper. He was remembered for his visits to the homes of his parishioners in the company of another community authority figure, police Chief James Reedy. This hands-on approach to faith was often mirrored in other religions. Finnish Lutheran ministers and other denominations arrived early and aided in the preservation of their own creeds. Congregations were made up of diverse ethnic backgrounds and helped to stabilize the community.


Material compiled from There Were No Strangers and Greater Sudbury Heritage Museums Archives.

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