Hockey has always been a common winter sport in all northern communities and Coniston was no exception.  In 1914, the community's team was made up of seven players (as was the standard in those days): Joe Giroux, Clovis Olivier, Bob Muirhead, Gordon MacAllister, Peter Leclair, Manuel Leclair, and Dan McLaughlin.

Throughout the1930s, Coniston boasted a town league which consisted of three teams from the local smelter and one from the shops.  The best players from these four teams would combine to form one team for the Northern Ontario Hockey Association intermediate playoffs at the end of the season.  In the 1953-54 season, the Coniston Aces won the Northern Ontario Hockey Association intermediate 'B' championships.

Coniston also had a senior league team enrolled as part of the Nickle Belt Senior 'A' League during the 1936-37 season (the first season held at Copper Cliff's new Stanley Stadium), however, little information is known.

Hockey is a popular pastime for the young men of Coniston and fans were never in short supply, but with the construction of the Coniston Community Centre, the local fan base started to expand.

The Coniston Community Centre was officially opened on February 8, 1971 by Mayor Mike Solski and the opening ceremony was attended by some of the NHL's legendary players who got their start in Coniston.  Among these memorable players were Hector (Toe) Blake, Andy Barbe, and Armand Lemieux.

In fact, many famous NHL stars are well-known in Coniston, having played for the town while working in the Sudbury District or at the local smelter in the early days.  Among these famous names are Murph Chamberlain, Bill Durnan, and George Gee.

Throughout its existence, hockey has always been a major part of recreational life in Coniston and there is no indication that this scenario will change.  The community looks forward to seeing more of its bright young stars achieve greatness on the ice.


Material compiled from The Coniston Story II.

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