Ettie P. Cripps

Ettie Cripps.  Photo courtesy of the Greater Sudbury Historical Database.Ettie Cripps was born in Capleton, Quebec.  At some point, she moved to Mine Hill, Nova Scotia where she met and married John Cripps in 1880.  The couple moved to Copper Cliff in 1887 where Mrs. Cripps soon became one of the most popular residents of the community.  She was an active member of the Protestant faith and was always willing to donate her time to charity events and to visiting the sick.

In 1900, the Cripps moved to Victoria Mine to be close to members of Ettie's family who were working for the Mond Nickel Company.  When the mine closed in 1913, the Cripps moved to Coniston where Ettie accepted the position of town librarian.  She excelled in this role and came to be known as 'Grandma Cripps'.

Mrs. Cripps resided in Coniston from 1913 to 1937 and it is through her efforts that the Coniston Library enjoyed a successful beginning in the community.


Material compiled from The Coniston Story II.

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