Martin's Potatoes & Garden Centre / Valley Growers

In 1972, Alfred Martin, who had already been growing potatoes for a few years in Blezard Valley, launched a business to meet the seasonal needs of gardeners and farmers. He established a potato storage and wholesale system as well as a fertilizer, lime and seed business.

As the population of Valley East was becoming more and more residential, there was a greater need for gardening products and information on gardening in the region. Alfred and Pierrette Martin soon organized a gardening centre to meet these needs. They opened a greenhouse for their flowers and vegetables and a nursery for ornamental plants.

In 1983, Roland and Pauline Rainville became the owners of the business, which they renamed Valley Growers. They devoted 400 acres to growing potatoes, wheat and canola. On Martin Street, they operated a potato packing and processing centre. Their main clientele consisted of restaurants and wholesalers in Northern Ontario.


Material compiled from Valley East 1850-2002.

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