Our Lady of Peace Church

In the early days of the Roman Catholic faith in Capreol, church services were held in a boxcar by visiting priests from neighbouring communities.

Our Lady of Peace circa 1920.  Photo courtesy of the Northern Ontario Railroad Museum and Heritage Centre.Soon, the number of people practicing the Roman Catholic faith warranted a larger venue for services.  In 1918, the boxcar was abandoned and the congregation moved to William Rossman's Hall on Young Street where services were conducted by visiting priests every second or third Sunday.

On August 10, 1919, the first Catholic parish was established and was led by Father Charles C. Fawcett.  The church was named Our Lady of Peace in memory of the soldiers who fought in World War One.

Throughout the decades, the church continued to grow and expand, obtaining a devoted following.

In 1954, the women of the congregation decided that in order to better serve the church and the community, they should form an organized group.  The Daughters of Isabella was created on March 14, 1954 and had 85 chartered members.  The group went on to sponsor the creation of the Capreol Cancer Society on January 16, 1958.  The Daughters of Isabella eventually disbanded and today, are replaced by the Catholic Women's League.


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