From the earliest days of Capreol, businesses were being established to provide much needed services to the town's residents.  By 1915, a grocery store, a barber shop, and a post office were all operating in Capreol.  Over the years, additional enterprises began to develop in the community including an additional grocery store, a hardware store, an electrical store, and a coal and oil business (all of which were owned by Alex Nepitt).

By the mid-1920's, Capreol was a booming community, with a men's clothing shop, a bakery, a pool hall, a shoe repair shop (operated by Fiore Mazzuca), a ladies' clothing store, a town theatre, and Drago's General Store (operated by Frank Mazzuca).

Throughout the coming decades, the Capreol Public Library was established, two financial institutions were serving the town, telephones were installed in homes, and the Town of Capreol owned its own Hydro Electric Commission.

While the storefronts have changed, Capreol continues to offer a wide selection of stores and shops to satisfy the needs of every citizen.  Many such stores have been passed down through the generations and continue to be family-owned to this day.

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