A Social Atmosphere

Sometime in the early to mid 1900's, the first Farmers Hall was built as a social place for dances, galas, and wedding receptions.  Social dances were held every Sunday night and on occasion, were known to go throughout the evening and into the next day.  Polkas, waltzes, and schottisches were played with great enthusiasm by the local accordion player, Vern Kinnonen.  While there were two social halls during this time, the Farmers Hall was the most popular and it was often overflowing with people each week.

Throughout the 1920's and 1930's, the community of Long Lake continued to grow and thrive.  Families would move to the area and establish farms of their own.  Over time, roads were upgraded and maintenance work was done by the local farmers.  In the winter, farmers would plough the roads using a V-shaped plough and a team of horses.  Eventually, government ploughs were obtained and used until the City of Sudbury took over the maintenance of the roadways in the 1930's.

In 1933, the locals built a new social hall called Suomi Ranta Hall.  This hall provided a forum for social occasions, wedding receptions and anniversaries, public meetings, festivals, sports competitions, and theatrical plays.  Silent movies were also showcased.  Admission to the hall was $0.25 for the evening and as before, Vern Kinnonen was on hand to provide musical entertainment for the crowds.


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