Community Improvements

By 1947, hydro power became available to the residents of Long Lake and come 1956, citizens could obtain telephones in their homes.

The townspeople began to contemplate the creation of a sports-focused group and in May of 1951, the Long Lake Athletic Association was formed.  In order to raise money for the purchase of land, the group held dances and sold shares.  Finally, after a great deal of fundraising, they were able to purchase five acres of land on which to build a baseball diamond and skating rink.  The organization sponsored fastball and bowling teams for numerous years until it was disbanded in 1974 and the land was sold to the City of Sudbury.

By 1955, a new school was once again needed.  The Long Lake Public School was built and subsequent additions were performed in 1958 and again in 1964.

Eventually, the town of Long Lake merged with the City of Sudbury, but to this day, the history of the Long Lake area is remembered by its long-time residents and the descendants of its pioneer settlers.


Material compiled from Pioneers of Long Lake.

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