Early Community Services

The Sudbury Board of Trade would often lobby for improved community services. In 1912, they encouraged the creation of a parcel post system and by 1920, were lobbying for telephone service to Killarney and hydro service for Northern Ontario. Come 1922, the Board of Trade was lobbying the provincial government to tax Sudbury's mining industry at the same level as other mining industries in Ontario and in 1924, a committee had been formed to attempt to obtain radio service in the area.

The early 1930's saw great things happening for the town and the Sudbury Board of Trade. In 1931, the Board of Trade petitioned for a reduction in the freight rates on coal. They won their petition and coal shipping rates were reduced by 30 cents per ton. This translated to a savings of $7,000 for Sudbury residents. In 1932, the Board was lobbying for Sudbury to be included as one of the ports on the Trans Canada Air Route, and was working towards obtaining a broadcast station in Sudbury.


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