Creating a Major Northern CIty

In 1940, the Sudbury Board of Trade was still actively trying to promote Sudbury and organized the first annual Santa Claus Parade. During this year, they also obtained permission to install parking meters, making Sudbury the first city in Canada to have these devices. Around this time, the Sudbury Business Men's Association began to consider a union with the Sudbury Board of Trade and on January 26, 1942, the two organizations merged to become the Chamber of Commerce of the City and District of Sudbury. The name was officially changed to Sudbury District Chamber of Commerce on May 29, 1952.

The 1950's were an especially busy time for the Chamber of Commerce. They worked diligently, lobbying for a community airport (which was established in 1953) and a mental health clinic, and in 1951, they helped to establish the Sudbury Humane Society.

In 1955, Chamber president George Walker directed the organization to focus on maintaining a high level of health care for the Sudbury community. Through Mr. Walker's efforts, the Sudbury and District Health Unit and the Sudbury Memorial Hospital were developed. During this time, the Chamber of Commerce also advocated for pollution control and environmental cleanup, and had a vested interest in the Northeastern Ontario Cancer Treatment Centre.


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