Although baseball was being played in Sudbury as early as 1906, Garson didn't become involved in the sport until 1947. Garson's first baseball team was called the Garson Greyhounds and during their first season, they failed to win a single game.

Throughout the years, the team worked to improve themselves and in 1951, the Greyhounds succeeded in defeating the Frood Mine Tigers and winning the Monell Cup. In honour of this victory, INCO built a new baseball diamond (complete with a grandstand) just beyond the soccer field.

During the high point of the sport's popularity, the mining companies provided talented ball players with employment opportunities at the mine in exchange for joining the mine's baseball team. Some of the earliest teams in the Nickel Belt Baseball League included: the Copper Cliff Redmen, Sudbury Shamrocks, Coniston Red Sox, Frood Tigers, and the Creighton Indians, with the Indians being the dominating force in the league for many years. By 1959, the Nickel Belt Baseball League had ended.

In the early 1950's, junior baseball was also a large success in Garson. The Garson Mine Athletic Association sponsored junior teams and in 1951, Garson came very close to winning the league championship. The heartbreak came when they were forced to forfeit the final match against Copper Cliff because they were short the required number of field players.

Today, baseball is still a popular sport in the Garson area, however, interest in the game has not yet reached the levels enjoyed throughout the 1950's.


Material compiled from Voices from the Past: Garson Remembers.

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