In the early days of badminton, people would play at the separate school in the gymnasium/classroom. The desks would be removed and the folding separator door would be opened to provide players with the use of the entire gymnasium. When the games were finished for the night, the players would replace the furniture and door in preparation for classes the next day.

It wasn't until the INCO Club opened its doors in 1950, that badminton started to become a popular sport. When the club opened, it provided players with two badminton courts on which to play. Soon after, Garson joined the Nickel Belt Badminton League and competed for top honours against people from Sudbury and Creighton in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles competitions. At that time, Creighton was the most impressive club, with some members going on to become provincial and national champions.

By the late 1950's, the youth in Garson were getting into the sport and in 1964, a team of players competed in a tournament in Midland where they proved to be true contenders, winning the girls' doubles title and the girls' singles title.

Youth interest continued to blossom and in 1977, one impressive player, Alanna Laroque, won the junior title at the provincial championships. A year later, she went on to win a silver medal in the sport at the Canadian Winter Games in Brandon, Ontario.

When the INCO Club in Garson closed, badminton players were left to find alternative places to enjoy their sport. They reverted back to using school gymnasiums throughout the community as their competitive battlegrounds.

Today, the Nickel District Badminton Club provides interested players with the opportunity to continue their competing with other badminton enthusiasts.


Material compiled from Voices from the Past: Garson Remembers.

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