P.S.S. #1 MacLennan

P.S.S. #1 MacLennan.  Photo courtesy of "Skead, Ontario, Canada: 1924 - 1999".The first public school, P.S.S. #1 MacLennan, in Skead was scheduled to open in 1947 but was delayed due to a lack of available teachers in the area. As a result, the school opened one year later in September of 1948, providing instruction to students from grade 1 to grade 8. During that time, student who were seeking high school level education were forced to travel to Sudbury as there was no high school in Skead.

There is little information available concerning P.S.S. #1 MacLennan and its activities over the years, however, it is known that in order to raise funds for the school, an annual picnic was held. These picnics were always well attended and were successful in generating funds for the building of a fence around the school perimeter and for other school necessities.

P.S.S. #1 MacLennan closed sometime around 1966, most likely as a result of declining attendance. Upon the school's closure, students were bused to Arthur Lye Public School and L.J. Atkinson Public School in Garson.


Material compiled from Skead, Ontario, Canada: 1924-1999.

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