Busing for Students

Grant Bus Line school bus.  Photo courtesy of "Skead, Ontario, Canada: 1924 - 1999".In the early to mid 1950's, students were being bused to other schools within the Sudbury district by the Local Lines Limited Bus Company. These students were comprised of mainly high school level pupils who were forced to travel to Sudbury to continue their studies. When the Local Lines Limited Bus Company closed in 1957, Alvena Hammarlund began providing bus service to students. Her first "bus" was a passenger Econoline station wagon, but it quickly became too small to accommodate the number of students. Even with the purchase of an Econoline van, there was still not enough room for all of the children, so Mrs. Hammarlund bought a 36 passenger bus and then later, a 60 passenger bus.

By 1964, Alvena Hammarlund sold her bus to her daughter, Eva Grant, and her son-in-law, Howard. The Grants decided to take that one bus and establish Grant Bus Lines, a registered school bus company.

Grant Bus Lines was a successful endeavour and when the separate school and public school closed in 1965 and 1966 respectively, an increase in demand for busing resulted in a profitable enterprise for the company. The Grants purchased two more buses to transport students to the various schools in the district.

By 1977, Grant Bus Lines had 27 buses and a highway coach in operation, providing transportation to 1,780 students and also offering private charter services. Bus drivers consisted of housewives from Bowland's Bay and Skead who wanted part-time jobs. Alvena Hammarlund was one such driver.

The Grant Bus Lines company was sold to Charterways in 1978.


Material compiled from Skead, Ontario, Canada: 1924-1999.

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