All Saints Anglican Church

All Saints Anglican Church originally was established in Victoria Mine in 1900. In those days, services were conducted by laymen such as Mr. Fred Colloton and masses were held in the schoolhouse at the mine and the smelter.

In 1908, the first church structure was built and it was dedicated by Bishop George Thorneloe. The parish fell under the supervision of Reverend J.N. Mumford of Copper Cliff with services being conducted by catechists in the area.

By 1913, most of the people who had lived in Victoria Mine had relocated to Coniston. Church services were already being offered in the community hall prior to 1913, but in that year, services were moved to the public school.

It wasn't until March of 1915 that now Reverend Fred Colloton and a committee of parishioners in Coniston decided to transport the church building in Victoria Mine to Coniston. The church was successfully relocated to First Avenue and by mid-June of 1915, the first service was conducted in the church by Reverend Colloton. By 1919, the Women's Auxiliary was established in the parish.

All Saints Anglican Church continued to thrive throughout the 1920's and despite the hardships of the Depression era, the parish survived largely as a result of the efforts of the Women's Auxiliary.

By 1951, the congregation was in need of a new church building and funds were being raised for its construction. With sufficient funds raised, the building on Pine Street was completed in 1954 through the volunteer efforts of the parishioners.

Today, All Saints Anglican Church continues to serve the community of Coniston, providing a strong basis of faith to its residents.


Material compiled from The Coniston Story.

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