St. Andrew's United Church

St. Andrew's Church began in Victoria Mine in 1900, around the same time that the Mond Nickel Company began its operations in the area. Originally, Presbyterian services were held wherever room could be found, whether in a boarding house, a home, or a store.

On May 1, 1907, the congregation decided that a church was needed and by the fall of that year, the first Presbyterian church was built in Victoria Mine. As of January 9, 1911, the church had electric lights installed, a manse had been built, and the church was completely debt-free.

In 1914, as the residents of Victoria Mine left the community, the church was moved to First Avenue in Coniston. When the structure was moved to Coniston, it received some minor improvements including the addition of a basement, new lighting, and a new roof.

The parish became known as St. Andrew's United Church in 1925 when the Presbyterians and Methodists joined together to form the United Church of Canada. St. Andrew's United Church continued to guide residents of Coniston in their spiritual lives for many decades.


Material compiled from The Coniston Story.

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