Post Office

When the pioneers began settling in Coniston in the early 1900's, one of the major hurdles they had to overcome was the lack of postal services to the area. Without a post office in Coniston, the townspeople were forced to walk all the way to Sudbury to send or receive mail - an arduous journey even in the best of weather conditions. To solve this problem, the community petitioned the federal government for a post office in Coniston. The government agreed to the request, but in order to establish postal services, the community needed a name (up until that time, Coniston was an unorganized, unnamed village of miners, loggers, and farmers). One villager, Dennis O'Brien, volunteered to help the community come up with a name. Through the submission of numerous suggestions by the townsfolk, the name Coniston was chosen.

With a village name approved, the first post office was established in Coniston and Mr. O'Brien became the town's first post master.


Material compiled from The Coniston Story.

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