Financial Institutions

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce was first financial institution to be established in the community of Coniston. It was opened on March 20, 1919 as a sub-agency of the Sudbury Branch and was located on the corner of Government Road and Edward Street. In 1925, the Bank of Commerce was moved to its present location at 46 Second Avenue.

When it was first established, the Coniston branch was only open on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Today, it provides residents with banking services Monday to Friday.

Caisse Populaire Roussel

Coniston's caisse populaire was formed on May 31, 1961 through the assistance of Father Campeau and the determination of a group of francophone residents. Originally, the institution was housed in the old rectory of Our Lady of Mercy Church and was eventually moved to its own building on Edward Street in October of 1973.

The Caisse Populaire Roussel was so-named in honour of the first priest of Our Lady of Mercy Church, Father Roussel. Today, the Caisse Populaire Roussel continues to assist its members with all of their banking needs.

Coniston Community Credit Union Limited

The Coniston Community Credit Union Limited was established on June 22, 1960 with the assistance of Revered R.F. Venti, pastor of St. Paul's Church. From 1960 until 1962, the credit union was located in the community hall on First Avenue. Throughout its early existence, the credit union switched locations from the community hall to a building on Caruso Street, to another on Edward Street. Finally, in 1972, the members of the credit union purchased a building at 32 Second Avenue and moved the institution for the last time.

In 1974, the Coniston Community Credit Union Limited was renamed the Nickel Centre Credit Union in order to encourage a larger membership and to take possession of a branch in Garson. Today, the Northern Credit Union continues to boast an ever-increasing membership while providing for the financial needs of residents from both Garson and Coniston.

Material compiled from The Coniston Story.

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