The Future of Curling

Women did not begin to play curling until after World War II, but that didn't stop them from setting up their own tournaments.  In 1958, the women's curling team from Sudbury won the Ontario Women's Curling Championship and in 1961, a national women's championship was established, known as the Scott Tournament of Hearts.  In both the Brier and the Scott Tournament of Hearts, the title winners go on to compete for the World Cup and the glory of Canada.

In 1964, the Canadian Mixed Curling Championships was created and Sudbury's team placed third in the debut competition.

Throughout the years, other tournaments and bonspiels have been played, but the major competitions still keep players and fans riveted every year.  Curling continues to grow in popularity across the nation and is one of the most popular winter sports in Greater Sudbury.

For more information on the sport of curling visit the Canadian Curling Association website.


Material compiled from Homegrown Heroes: A Sports History of Sudbury.

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