Soccer began in 19th century England and has been present in Sudbury since the town began, though on a much smaller scale than other sports.

European immigrants introduced the game to the community and it was often played largely by the young men who came from the British Isles.  The Europeans were responsible for keeping the sport going despite the lack of spectator interest throughout the 1890's.

British immigrants formed the Sons of England society, a makeshift junior soccer club in which Sudbury would compete against soccer teams from other communities such as Copper Cliff.  The teams would travel as far as Little Current to play tournament games.

Early soccer players were required to pay for their own equipment, uniforms, and transportation to other towns for games.  Travel expenses made it extremely difficult to compete with other towns on a regular basis.

One of the first soccer games played in Sudbury was a match between the older players and the young players.  The youth won by a score of 1-0.


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