Sudbury Gets in the Game

Early football team - 1922.  Photo courtesy of "Homegrown Heroes: A Sports History of Sudbury".The first football club in Sudbury began at the Sudbury High School at a time when the sport's popularity was on the rise.  The boys of the first football team would practice throughout the fall and were coached by local hockey stars Clarence Boucher and Charlie Langlois, the only men in town who knew anything about football.

On Thanksgiving Day of 1921, the first rugby football game in Northern Ontario was played between Sudbury and North Bay on the Sudbury High School field.  North Bay's team beat Sudbury with a score of 23-0.  This single game constituted the entire first season of football.

By 1922, the sport of football was beginning to evolve into the form we now know.  Twelve players were permitted on the field, play strategies were being developed, downs and 10-yard limits were implemented, and scrimmage line players could now pass the ball back to waiting backfielders (the ability to pass the ball forwards was not implemented until the 1930's).

By 1924, football was being taught as part of the high school physical education program.  In only three years, football had found a following and had become a mainstay in local high school sports.


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