All Nations Baptist Church

The All Nations Baptist Church stemmed from the beliefs held within the Pentecostal faith. In 1951, Pastor Gordon Magee held an evangelical service at Glad Tidings Tabernacle. Around this time, many evangelical families in Sudbury were unhappy with their current religion. These families, consisting of different ethnic and religious backgrounds, decided to form the All Nations Revival Centre.

By 1952, the All Nations congregation had arranged for a permanent pastor in the form of Pastor Magee. Magee remained with the parish for six months before turning the church over to his brother-in-law, Kitchener Mahood, a fellow Irish preacher and returning to his former role as a traveling evangelist.

Over the years, the All Nations Church thrived and its membership continued to grow. In 1979, when Glad Tidings Tabernacle moved from its building on Prete Street, All Nations purchased the property to use as its church. The parish is still located at this same location.

The Glad Tidings Tabernacle and All Nations congregations have both continued to flourish and still maintain a strong connection to each other.


Material compiled from The Religious Tradition in Sudbury: 1883-1983.

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