First Baptist crest.  Photo courtesy of the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec.

The first Baptist service held in Sudbury was on June 22, 1907. It was attended by four adults and three children, and was held by Reverend L.M. Weeks at the Palace Rink on Durham Street.

Baptist services were held weekly, with a morning service in Sudbury and an evening service in Garson.

The congregation rented the old Methodist church on Beech Street in 1907 and on December 26th of that year, Reverend Weeks held the first organizational meeting for the Sudbury Baptist Church. By this time, the congregation had expanded to thirty followers.

In 1911, under the direction of Reverend James Desson, the Baptist community purchased the old Methodist Church and moved it to the corner of Larch and Minto.

Between 1912 and 1916, two ministers would serve Sudbury's Baptist parish. By 1916, the church was in debt by $80.00 (a significant sum in those days) and serious consideration was given to ceasing the practice of the Baptist faith in Sudbury.

The Baptist Home Mission Board (an organization that was responsible for securing ministers for congregations) kept services going in Sudbury, but by the First World War, it was having great difficulty providing the congregation with a full-time minister. The parish suffered a loss of membership and many members were becoming discouraged by the lack of a permanent minister.


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