Encouraging the Faith

In 1937, Reverend Percy Frank Bull, the church's rector at the time, built a mortuary chapel in the church cemetery named the Chapel of the Resurrection. This chapel unintentionally sparked the formation of a small but growing mission congregation, who worshiped in the chapel. In 1951, the Church of the Resurrection was established as a new church and a new building was constructed in 1960.

By the end of 1940, over 600 parishioners participated in the Anglican faith.

During 1941, then Reverend Philip Roger Beattie worked to better the parish. He arranged the building of a new parish hall, increased services, and organized activities. Reverend Beattie left the parish for a term of eighteen months to serve as Chaplain for the R.C.A.F. during World War II.

The end of the war saw a boom for the Sudbury community. The Church of the Epiphany began an Anglican Advance Appeal. This was a campaign designed to bring about a conversion and renewal among Anglicans by providing an educational program that would help Anglicans learn about the faith and grow in it. The appeal was also a method of raising $4,200,000 for the expansion of the church's work and to provide adequate pensions for its retired clergy and workers. The Church of the Epiphany parishioners provided great financial support to this appeal.

The early 1950's saw a revival of church involvement due to the war, but this renewed interest was short-lived and the number of parishioners reached an all-time high of 809 families during this period. During the time of renewed commitment, Anglican missions were established in Azilda and New Sudbury and new churches were built, including St. James, St. George's, Church of St. Michael, and All Angels.

In 1957, the Church of the Epiphany received additions to the building, including a narthex and office space.


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