Survival Achieved

The 1960's were an especially difficult time for all religious orders. The rector of the time, Reverend Samuel Maitland Craymer, helped to build Thorneloe University and was challenged with the task of maintaining faith

Thorneloe University.  Photo courtesy of Thorneloe University.

during the "God is dead" era.

From 1963 to 1973, the Church of the Epiphany saw a large and steady decline in parishioners which didn't level off until the mid 1970's.      

In 1979, extensive repairs were needed on the Church of the Epiphany including the replacement of all of the exterior brick. Once funding for the renovations was received in 1981, renovations proceeded quickly and were completed that same year. On January 6, 1982, the church was rededicated by the Bishop.

The Anglican faith suffered many hardships in its attempt to secure a following in Sudbury and today, Anglicanism is one of the more popularly practiced religions.


Material compiled from The Religious Tradition in Sudbury: 1883-1983 and The Church of the Epiphany: A Century of Anglican Witness.

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