The Church of the Epiphany

Church of the Epiphany circa 1890.  Photo courtesy of the Greater Sudbury Historical Database.The Church of the Epiphany began with a small congregation of followers in 1883 led by lay catechist Gowan Gillmor. On October 7, 1883, Mr. Gillmor held the first Anglican mass in a shack near the railway station.

In August of 1886, Mr. Gillmor had set aside land on Larch Street for the building of a new church and parsonage and on September 10, 1889, a church building committee was established.

On May 31, 1890, the first resident priest, Reverend Charles Piercy, was appointed to minister to the fifty Anglican families in the Sudbury area.

Plans to build the first Anglican church began on June 6, 1890. Financial donations and many of the sacred vessels to be used in masses were contributed by friends in the United Kingdom. The new parish was named Church of the Epiphany in honour of the major feast of the Christmas season and on November 9, 1890, the first service was held in the new building.

The Church of the Epiphany held its first marriage on February 20, 1891, although neither the groom nor the bride were Anglicans. Wilbert Scullard (a Presbyterian) and Mary Brennan (a Roman Catholic) chose the Church of the Epiphany as their wedding chapel because their own faiths did not condone the union and would not perform the ceremony.


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