Early Garson miners.  Photo courtesy of "Voices from the Past: Garson Remembers".Ore was discovered in the Garson area by John Cryderman and his son Russel on April 30, 1891. Cryderman, along with his business partner William Mayhew, obtained a lease for the mineral-rich property on January 28, 1895 and established the Cryderman Mine. Four years later, in 1899, the Mond Nickel Company purchased the land from the Crydermans and Mr. Mayhew and began preparations for their own mining operation.

In 1907, Garson Mine was starting to process ore and one year later, the first shipment was sent by rail to the company's smelter at Victoria Mines (just west of Creighton).

Once the Garson Mine was operational, the Mond Nickel Company began construction on homes in the area for their permanent employees. These homes were built on Armstrong, Henry, McDougall, Pine, and Young Streets, and was collectively known as "Company Town". Years later, Scagnetti's Store, on Pine Street, would become the first business to be established in this area.

The ore in Garson was of top quality and with the large amount available in the area, operations were highly successful. By 1928, Garson Mine was producing 700 tons of ore per day and employed a workforce of approximately 315 people.

When the Mond Nickel Company merged with INCO in 1929, the Garson Mine was in full swing, however this lasted only another two years. In 1931, the Garson Mine was shut down because of the Depression. Unemployed, some workers decided to travel to Falconbridge to work at the mine there (it was still operational because it had only been established in the 1920's and was still in the start-up phase). Others chose to remain in Garson and do odd jobs around town.

The mine didn't reopen until 1936 and only three years later, a new mine shaft was being built. Upon its completion, the original shaft was closed.


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