Mrs. Brankley with a cow on her farm.  Photo courtesy of "Voices from the Past: Garson Remembers".During the logging days, farms were being established as quickly as land was being cleared. The first farms, located close to the Emery Lumber Company's headquarters, were on a logging road now known as Goodwill Drive (named in honour of the first family to settle in the area). More and more farms were established in small clusters along Goodwill Drive, O'Neil Drive, Maley Drive, Skead Road, and in Happy Valley.

For the most part, early farmers grew large amounts of vegetables and had a small pasture of land for a few animals, including a cow or two. They would raise chickens and rabbits and were mostly interested in supplying enough food for their own families, though surpluses were sold in the area. Even people who chose to reside in the village proper grew their own vegetables and raised chickens. By 1911, some farmers started to grow various grains, selling them to the Ontario and Manitoba Flour Mills in Sudbury for flour-making.

In 1912, the population of Garson had grown to 1,014 people, and the amount of farm land owned by residents amounted to 23,647 acres. However, by 1921, farming had reached its peak in the community.


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