Saint-Jean-de-Brébeuf (1930)

Toward the end of the 1920s, Sudbury grew rapidly.  French-Canadian families settled mainly to the east of Collège Sacré-coeur in the neighbourhood now called the Flour Mill.  Consideration had to be given to dividing Sainte-Anne parish again.  Petitions and requests were sent to the bishop who appointed Father Joseph Coallier as founding priest.  The Jesuits of the Collège donated land and Sainte-Anne parish gave $5,000.  The new parish numbered about 800 families (some from Sainte-Anne, some in the form of new settlers) and the French Canadians of McKim Township also joined the new parish.

The priest had an immense basement built which would be used for religious services while construction of the main building was done but the Great Depression of the 30s and the Second World War resulted in a delay in the church's construction.  The church would not be completed until 1957.  The first service was the Christmas Eve Midnight Mass celebrated on December 24th.


Material compiled from 75e anniversaire du diocèse du Sault Ste-Marie 1904-1979, Paroisse Sainte-Anne de Sudbury, and 1914-1978: mes souvenirs.

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