Expansion for the Church

Capreol Baptist Church hosted many ministers over the years, but throughout World War II, the First Baptist Church was without a regular pastor.  The Home Mission Board provided ministers to the congregation for the duration of the war.

In 1949, Reverend Malcolm S. Barr began his four year term with the church, helping to bring a sense of stability to the parish.  Reverend Barr arranged for the Capreol Baptist Church to form an association with the Calvary Baptist Church in Lively.

First Baptist Church today.  Photo courtesy of the Northern Ontario Railroad Museum and Heritage Centre.Renovations were required by September of 1956.  A new basement was constructed under the church to serve as a Sunday School and social event centre, and a more modern heating system (an oil furnace) was installed.  The interior of the church was redecorated to make it more welcoming to parishioners.  The renovations were completed by January of 1957, and on January 7th, the first service was held by Reverend John Branscombe in the newly remodeled building.  At this time, the church was home to twenty-five Baptist families in Capreol.

In 1957, an electric organ was donated to the church by the Johnson and Chisholm families in memory of their parents.

During 1964, the sanctuary of the church was enlarged and the exterior was stuccoed.  The church was rededicated on October 4th of that year.

On April 26, 1982, the First Baptist Church of Capreol celebrated its 60th anniversary.  Today, the parish continues to provide Capreol's Baptist community with a place of worship and fellowship.


Material compiled from Capreol: The First 75 Years, 1918-1993 and The History of the Town of Capreol.

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