The Nepitt Children

Alexander Nepitt Jr.

Alexander Nepitt Jr. was the oldest child and only son of Alexander and Mary Nepitt. Alex worked with his father in the family's general store and later, he operated the Imperial Esso service station for fourteen years. Like his father, Alex was an avid curler and sportsman. He was also an active member of his community, serving on the town council for twenty-two years.

Nepitt married Vernon Sweezey and had two children, Alex (Augie), and Judith. Vernon Nepitt died on November 17, 1992.

Emma Nepitt

Emma Nepitt was the second child and oldest daughter of the Nepitts. Emma was a wonderful singer like her mother and was often the life of any party. She served in the R.C.A.F. Women's Division during the Second World War. Emma married David Kilgour and had three children, David Jr., Margaret (called Sandy), and Leslie.

Helen Nepitt

Helen Nepitt, the youngest Nepitt child, was a great athlete who won the Sudbury Dog Derbies many times. She enjoyed playing hockey and curling and was the captain of the Girl Guides in Capreol for numerous years. Helen married Frank Rivers and like her brother before her, Helen helped to manage the family's general store.

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