Henry and Constance Plexman

Henry and Constance Plexman were born in Poland in 1873. The couple moved to the Town of Sellwood where Henry worked as a blacksmith and house-builder.

The Plexmans had eight children: Henry; Fred; Jean; Alois; Emma; William; Anthony; and Edward.

When the mine in Sellwood was rumoured to be closing, the Plexmans moved to Capreol where Henry built the Imperial Theatre and a general store.

Mr. Plexman later sold the general store to Mr. Martin (whose family now owns Martin's Insurance in Sudbury) and purchased the pool hall, general store, and dance hall from Mr. Rossman.

The Imperial Theatre successfully operated for many years. In the 1940's, Henry sold the theatre to his daughter, Jean, and her husband Harry Bilsborough. They operated the theatre until the 1970's, when they both retired.

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