Hockey has been a mainstay in Capreol since the town's earliest beginnings.  Players would head out onto the frozen ponds and lakes to partake in a favoured pastime, although in the early days, protective equipment was not at the same level as today's standards.

Capreol has successfully competed in many tournaments and competitions against rival towns, such as Sudbury, for District bragging rights.  In 1929, Capreol's hockey team won the town's league championship, the Vermillion League title, and the Murray Trophy.

By 1932, women had also formed a hockey league in Capreol and were competing in tournaments.  Among the members of the first female hockey team were Emma and Helen Nepitt.

For numerous years, Capreol hosted a Midget Hockey Tournament that drew teams from throughout Ontario, Quebec, and Michigan to compete at the Capreol Community Centre.

Throughout the town's history, Capreol has produced a few well-known NHL hockey players including Doug Mohns and Terry Crisp.

Today, Capreol's love of hockey is instilled in the young players of the Capreol Minor Hockey Association through the dedication of their coaches and the victories of their teams.

To learn more about some of Capreol's best-known NHL players, visit Capreol Online.


Material compiled from Capreol: The First 75 Years, 1918-1993.

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