Sudbury's First Baseball Club

Sudbury Kubs baseball team - 1906.  Photo courtesy of "Homegrown Heroes: A Sports History of Sudbury". In April of 1902, the Sudbury Baseball Club was formed.  It was the first official baseball club in the Sudbury area.  Not long after, the Sudbury Junior Baseball Club came into being.

As enthusiasm for lacrosse began to falter in the early 1900's, both the senior and junior baseball teams started competing more regularly with Copper Cliff, North Bay, and Sturgeon Falls.

Teams would travel by train to other communities to play against the home team and the railway even offered special rates for athletic groups to encourage this healthy competition.  While the teams strived to complete the standard nine innings, it was the train schedule that determined how long a game would last.  Often a game would be called because the visiting team would have to catch the train back to their community.


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