Going Strong Through World War II

Baseball game at Queen's Athletic Field.  Photo courtesy of the Greater Sudbury Historical Database.During war times, men's baseball continued to thrive in the northern mining communities.  This was because the men working in the mining industry were not permitted to enlist in the army as they were serving an important purpose to the war effort as miners.  As such, the men remained in the area and baseball continued uninterrupted.  In fact, the quality of the games improved considerably as skilled players were imported from the United States and the rest of Canada.

In 1944, Sudbury was able to host its first night game with the installation of lights at the Queen's Athletic Field.  Also in this year, Sunday baseball games were introduced and they were extremely popular with fans.  Although entrance fees could not be charged as it was considered to be a holy day, club officials arranged for spectators to "pass the hat" to collect funds.  Unfortunately, while spectators enjoyed the game, they were not forthcoming with donations.


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